W e are an African Cybersecurity expert services company that seeks to redefine the ways in which Cybersecurity challenges are being dealt with in the region.We boast of a young dynamic team.

Our company is a 100% BBEEE Level 1 Contributor and participant in Enterprise Supplier Development and Localization Initiatives as a Small Micro-Enterprise.We are Woman and Youth Owned, which underpin our values of driving participation of more black youths and women in Cybersecurity in South Africa and beyond.

We understand that the current cyber security solution paradigms are based on practices in the developed parts of the world and are at present failing to give traction in solving local challenges.

We are bringing to the market innovative approaches and technologies to offer more effective services that actually address the threats in the short and long term while dealing with market gaps and asymmetries against the size of threat such as lack of appropriate skills and slow budget approvals in IT and Cybersecurity in particular.