Our Current and Previous Projects
Projects Portfolio
Network Security Architecture for City Fibre Network
Year: 2021
In 2021, our cybersecurity team had the privilege of contributing to a transformative project for one of South Africa's largest metropolitan areas. We were entrusted with the critical task of designing a robust network security architecture for a high-speed fibre network.

Our involvement in this project revolved around crafting an advanced network security architecture that would safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of data transmitted through the fibre network.

The foundation of our security approach was built upon the renowned SABSA (Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture) model. This model ensured a comprehensive and adaptable security framework, designed to protect against a broad spectrum of cyber threats and vulnerabilities.
Cybersecurity Post-Incident Review and Strategy Implementation for a power company
Year: 2021 - 2022
In 2021, our team worked on a critical cybersecurity initiative. This project encompassed a comprehensive post-incident review, strategy development, and architecture roadmap implementation for a significant entity a power company. Our team conducted a thorough post-incident review to assess vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the existing cybersecurity framework. With valuable insights gained from the post-incident review, we embarked on the Strategy Development Phase. Our team formulated a cybersecurity strategy tailored to address specific challenges. This strategy encompassed both short-term mitigation measures and long-term resilience-building initiatives.

Implementing a forward-looking architecture roadmap was the next logical step. We guided the implementation of practices to fortify the organization's digital infrastructure. This roadmap aimed at future-proofing the entity against evolving cyber threats.
Information Security Architecture Assessment and Development
Year: 2021
The team worked on a project in with a public sector organization in South Africa. This project was centered around the assessment of the AS-IS state of their Information Security Architecture and the development of a forward-looking TO-BE state.

The project included doing an assessment of the existing Information Security Architecture and the organization's current cybersecurity framework at the time, identifying strengths and areas requiring improvement. Building upon the insights gained from the AS-IS state assessment, the team developed TO-BE state for the Information Security Architecture.
ISO 27001 Assessment and Implementation
Year: 2023
In 2023 we did a project for a computer support and services company, this project involved an ISO 27001 assessment and implementation. An analysis was conducted of the company's information security management systems (ISMS) to identify a need of compliance and improvement.

Building upon the assessment findings, the team worked diligently to implement ISO 27001 STANDARDS. The team guided the company in developing and implementing policices, procedures and controls that aligned with iso 27001 requirements. The goal was to establish a systematic approach to managing sensitive inforation
Penetration Testing for a Telecommunications Company
Year: 2022
In 2022, our company did work for a certain telecommunications company in Zimbabwe. Our primary objective was to conduct Penetration Testing to identify vulnerabilities and potential entry points for cyber threats. Our team executed an assessment of the company's systems, networks, and applications, mimicking real-world attack scenarios.

Our penetration testing yielded valuable insights into the telecommunications company's security landscape. We identified vulnerabilities, potential weaknesses, and areas that required immediate attention to fortify their defenses. Building upon the assessment findings, we worked closely with the telecommunications company to develop and implement tailored security measures. These measures included recommendations to address identified vulnerabilities, enhance security controls, and ensure the safeguarding of critical assets.
IT Security Architecture Assessment
Year: 2022
In 2022, our cybersecurity team was engaged in a project with an organization in Zimbabwe. This project involved an IT Security Architecture Assessment. The team then did an assessment of the organization's IT security architecture, by reviewing their existing systems, policies, and practices to identify areas that required improvement and optimization.

After the assessment the team got insights into the organization's security infrastructure, it identified strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for enhancing their security posture. The team then provided a set of tailored recommendations to address the identified vulnerabilities and enhance their overall cybersecurity.
Security Operations Management as a Service and Security Projects Implementation as a Service
Year: 2022
In 2022, our cybersecurity team had the privilege of collaborating with a dynamic technology company. We provided services in Security Operations Management and Security Projects Implementation as part of our ongoing commitment to the client. Under this project, our team ensured round-the-clock monitoring, incident response and continuous improvement of security measures.

In addition to ongoing operations, we also assisted the client with the implementation of various security projects. These projects encompassed the deployment of advanced security solutions, infrastructure enhancements, and strategic initiatives aimed at increasing their cybersecurity defenses.
Active Directory Assessment for a Leading ICT Company
Year: 2022
In 2022, our cybersecurity team collaborated with one of South Africa's leading ICT companies to provide a critical Active Directory Assessment. Our engagement focused on conducting assessments of the client's Active Directory infrastructure. We evaluated the health, security, and performance of their Active Directory environment, identifying areas for improvement and optimization.

The assessments provided insights into the client's Active Directory landscape, it pinpointed strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for enhancing their security and efficiency. The team then delivered a set of tailored recommendations to address the identified areas for improvement and to ensure the optimal functioning of their Active Directory.