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Data Security
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Indentity & Entitlements
Managed Services
Bantima Cyber Academy
Active Directory Security
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
Managed Incident Response
Threat Intelligence Management
Develop Architecture and Roadmaps
Internet of things
Infomation Security Project Management (new)
Managed Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Disclosure Programme
Board and Exco Cybersecurity Advisory and Training Serivces
Compliance Assessments and certifications (PCI DSS, ISO 2700X, GDPR)
Security Operations Center
Active Threat Assessment
Security Specialists as a Service
Operating Systems and 3rd Party Software
Continuous Threat Monitoring in customer environments
Application Security Testing and Managed DevSecOps
Next Generation (Continuous, Automated) Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)
Social Engineering and end-user security awareness training & Support
Multi-Factor Authentication
Digital Certificate Solutions
Cryptographic Services (Email & Device Encryption)
Database security and micro-segmentation and threat monitoring of cloud-based workloads
Endpoint Security Integration
Extended Detection and Response services